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Guesthouse of TU Graz

The guesthouse of the TU Graz provides a home away from home for employees of the 4 universities in Graz. It is an ideal arrangement for international employees who stay in Graz for a limited period of time.

The apartment at Hilmteichstraße 104 can be rented for at least two weeks and up to 6 months. A reservation needs to go through the hosting institute. A contact person has to be named by the hosting institute, who will be contacted by the facility management for picking up the accommodation keys and documents.

Contact Us

Operative Facility Management
Inffeldgasse 31
8010 Graz

Phone +43 316 873 6551

Location of the Guesthouse


Address: Hilmteichstraße 104, 8010 Graz  The villa is located in the Leechwald right above the Hilmteich in quiet surroundings. How to get there:
  • take tram lines 1 or 7 and walk up a slight incline for 750 m (tram 1) or 1100 m (tram 7),  
  • by car, guests of the villa may drive up to the villa. 11 parking spots are available to people living in the house.


All apartments are fully furnished. Only apartments No. 7 to 10 on the top floor have a shared kitchen (20 m2).  Kitchen: Fitted kitchen with microwave, refrigerator, cookware, plates and dishes, silverware, etc., and dishwasher. Miscellaneous: Every apartment has its own bathroom with shower, toilet, and washing machine with integrated dryer; TV, radio and CD player; bedding (blankets & pillows), bed linen, and towels are at disposal as well as irons and vacuum cleaners Telephone: The telephone system is a subsystem of the telephone installation of Graz University of Technology. The charged rates are therefore the same as the rates the university. Calls within the university are free. The charging of the fees can happen at any time and is not bound to certain days of the month. Internet: The house has a structured cabling and is connected to the university's data network through LWL. Every apartment therefore has free access to all local, national, and international data networks.
Information on network access

Costs and Reservation

Costs and Reservation

The rental fee is charged day-accurate on the basis of your actual stay. The minimum rental period is 14 days.

Rental costs

If you want to reserve an apartment, your hosting institute has to send the reservation form by e-mail to guesthousenoSpam@tugraz.at. The reservation is fixed as soon as the hosting institute receives a confirmation e-mail.

No security deposit is requested. Damages caused by a guest in the Guesthouse will be invoiced to the hosting institute.

Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation within 2 weeks before the presumed date of arrival, you will be charged one monthly rental fee. In case of changes on a short notice (within 1 week before the presumed date of arrival) e.g. later date of arrival, you will be charged the rental fee from the originally presumed day of arrival on.

If the apartment key is lost, a report of loss must be submitted to the police with the correct key number (can be found on the back of the spare key). If you need any information, please contact Ms. Kramer. Please send the report immediatly to guesthousenoSpam@tugraz.at.