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Key Competencies Certificate for Languages

You will receive the Key Competencies Certificate as proof of your language skills if you have completed language courses at TU Graz amounting to 8 ECTS.

The certificate is offered for the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.


Certificates can be earned for different language levels which are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) by the Council of Europe.

  • English: B2 and C1
  • Spanish: A2 and B1
  • Italian: A2 and B1
  • French: A2 and B1
  • Portuguese: A2
  • Russian: A2
  • Chinese: A2


  • These certificates are an excellent addition to your CV, especially in an international job market.
  • Requesting a certificate is as easy as contacting the Registrar’s Office (studienservicenoSpam@tugraz.at). 
  • You can request a certificate after completion of courses at TU Graz worth 8 ECTS points.
  • All certificates are issued in German as well as in English and include a list of the completed language courses.

Procedure to apply for a certificate

After completing 8 ECTS credits in a language, obtaining the certificate is as easy as sending an e-mail to the Registrar’s Office (studienservicenoSpam@tugraz.at), from where the printed certificate can then be collected. The courses counting towards the certificate may not date back more than four years from the time of the request.

Further information and the list of eligible language courses

More Certificates

In addition to languages, students at TU Graz can learn other relevant key competences for the workplace and acquire certificates.

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