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Admission Procedure: Master's Degree Programme Information and Computer Engineering

The deadline for the admission procedure for the academic year 2024/25 has expired.

This information on the admission procedure applies to the academic year 2025/26.

In order to begin the master’s degree programme Information and Computer Engineering, you have to complete the admission procedure.

The admission procedure regulations do not apply to:

  • Students who have completed a degree programme at TU Graz – or in the case of a NAWI Graz degree programme, at the University of Graz – that entitles them to be admitted to the master’s programme in Information and Computer Engineering at TU Graz.
  • Students who have completed one of the following degree programmes: www.tugraz.at/fakultaeten/infbio/studies/starting-a-masters.
  • Students who have already been admitted to the master’s programme in Information and Computer Engineering, in Computer Science or in Software Engineering and Management at TU Graz without being given a time limit.

All other applicants for the degree programme must complete the admission procedure.

Dates and Deadlines


  • Registration and upload of the application documents: 15 October to 15 December 2023
  • Result of the ranking by the selection commission: until 1 March 2024


  • Registration and upload of the application documents: 15 October to 15 December 2024
  • Result of the ranking by the selection commission: until 1 March 2025

Information and Advice

    Registrar's Office
    Rechbauerstraße 12/I
    8010 Graz
    Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9 to 12 am

Study Places

Available study places: 30

1. Online Admission Procedure

Registration period for the academic year 2025/26:
15 October to 15 December 2024

Before starting the admission procedure make sure that you have saved the necessary documents as pdf- files ready for the upload:

  • Proof of completion of studies
    If you have not yet completed your studies while you are going through the admissions procedure, proof of academic achievements must be submitted in the form of a Transcript of Records and the associated curriculum in German or English language.
  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of passport or identity card

You can find detailed information on the application documents in the Regulations for the admission procedure.

Step 1: Create a basic-account

  • Go to the webpage online.tugraz.at and click login. Under the item Basic account you have to choose the underitem create an account. After successful fulfilment of the form you will receive an E-Mail for activating the system. If you don´t receive an E-Mail please contact it-supportnoSpam@tugraz.at immediately.
  • With clicking on the activation link a confirmation page will open in your browser. Then please click on Weiter (Further).
  • Now you can select any username and password for your account. ATTENTION: It is not possible to change the username afterwards! Please memorize your password!

Step 2: Submit an application

  • Having an account now you can submit an application. Therefor click Applications, then Enter new application.
  • Select the correct academic year!
  • Select the desired master degree programme! This is crucial, you cannot change the master degree programme later on during the admission procedure.

Step 3: Upload your application files (pdf)

Please don't send any document by post!

Must be submitted:

  • Recent passport photo
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation
  • Filled out PDF (Completed courses)
  • Transcript of Records
  • Curriculum (study plan)
  • Passport or ID card

Can be submitted:

  • Bachelor's degree certificate (if already available)

Step 4: Review your data

  • Review your data and send the application.
  • No documents are to be sent by post until the decision on the application has been made.

Step 5: Further information

  • You will receive further information to your given e-mail address.
  • If you have questions regarding the admission procedure contact studynoSpam@tugraz.at.

2. Ranking of Applications by the Selection Commission

A selection commission decides which applicants will be given place in the degree programme. The selection commission awards a maximum of 25 points: a maximum of 5 points for the letter of motivation and a maximum of 20 points for the subject-specific competences.

Exclusion Criteria

The following exclusion criteria are reasons for refusing application:

  • Qualifications from a course of study that is not in a relevant subject
  • A total of less than 14 points

Notification of Results

The applicants will be notified by 1 March at the latest,

  • how many points they were awarded and
  • whether they have been allocated a place in the degree programme.

3. Submit Documents

If you have been allocated a place in the degree programme, then you must upload  the following documents.

Please do not send any document per post!