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Major Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a rapidly growing discipline within the field of computer science. Machine Learning is concerned with the development of artificial intelligence systems by algorithms that learn from data. It is considered a key technology of the 21st century. Two master’s degree programmes offered in the English language allow students to specialize in Machine Learning. Students receive a solid theoretical foundation, practical training, and are experiencing cutting edge Machine Learning research at TU Graz.

Quick Facts

To acquire this specialist knowledge, you can complete the major in Machine Learning as part of the following master’s degree programme:

  • Computer Science
    Do you want to design the next generation Machine Learning algorithms or become an expert for Machine Learning applications? In this study degree programme you can combine your Machine Learning knowledge with other hot topics such as robotics, security, or software development. Learn more about the degree programme Computer Science.


  • Software Engineering and Management
    Machine Learning is becoming a key economical factor. Are you planning your own company? Combine Machine Learning with business and management skills. Learn more about the degree programme Software Development and Management.

Depending on the degree programme, the Machine Learning major includes courses to the extent of 50 to 60 ECTS credit points.

Machine Learning in Degree Programmes

Content of the Major

TU Graz performs world-class research in the field of Machine Learning. In the two English-language master’s programmes Computer Science and Software Engineering and Management, students can specialize in the field of Machine Learning.

In-depth lectures and practical courses are offered that cover the different aspects of Machine Learning, ranging from the foundations of Machine Learning to deep learning, reinforcement learning, adaptive systems, optimization, data mining, knowledge discovery, and principles of brain computation.

The foundation for the specialization in the master’s degree programme is laid in the bachelor’s degree programme: Machine Learning is an important part of the curricula of the bachelor’s degree programmes in Computer Science, Information and Computer Engineering and Software Engineering and Management.


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Machine Learning Research

Core Topics in Machine Learning

In our study programmes, you will be trained in core topics of Machine Learning:

  • Foundations of Machine Learning: You will learn the mathematical foundations of Machine Learning, optimization, and statistics. Basic learning algorithms and their theoretical underpinnings are discussed.
  • Deep Learning: Deep Learning has emerged as a Machine Learning method. You will learn how to design and train effective deep learning systems.
  • Reinforcement Learning: Design agents that act and learn autonomously.
  • Machine Learning Architectures: Here, we discuss architectures of artificial and biological intelligent systems. How is the brain structured for computation and learning, and how do we design large Machine Learning systems?
  • Data Mining and knowledge discovery: Here, you will discover how one can deal with big data volumes, how one can analyse them and extract knowledge from them.
  • Signal Processing: Learn about adaptive and non-linear signal processing methods with an emphasis on speech processing leading to speech recognition, speech synthesis and dialogue systems.