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Overview: Continuing Education

Training that brings you up to date with the latest developments in science, commerce and technology, internationally renowned lecturers, innovative teaching methods, an in-depth insight into the world of work: this is what characterises the continuing education programme at TU Graz. Whether master’s programme, university course or seminar – take advantage of the life long learning options at TU Graz!

Part-Time Master’s Programmes and University Programmes

Do you hold a degree in a technical subject or the natural sciences? Or do you have a secondary school leaving examination/university entrance qualifications and several years of relevant professional experience? Do you want to benefit from continuing education in a specific field? Here you can find part-time master’s programmes and university programmes.

University Courses, Courses and Seminars

Do you want to acquire new skills in the field of technology or natural sciences, or extend your knowledge of a specific area? Find out about university courses, courses and seminars.

Courses Specifically for Companies

Do you want to bring your staff up to date with the latest developments? Here you can find courses specifically for companies. In-house training and customisable options are also available.

Qualification Networks

Which qualification networks has TU Graz developed and implemented in cooperation with companies? Get information about the qualification networks.

Life Long Learning at TU Graz

Do you want to find out more about Life Long Learning at TU Graz? What activities does TU Graz undertake in this area?

Finances and Grants

What discounts and financial support options are available for the continuing education programme at TU Graz? How can you deduct continuing education costs from tax? You can find information on this topic under finances and grants.

  • Aroma as an Essential Parameter for Quality

    On 15 November 2017, our advanced course entitled Sensory Evaluation of Food took place at the Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry. More...

  • The 2017 Amendment of the Ingenieurgesetz

    In autumn, the amendment to the Ingenieurgesetz (IngG) was enacted, which states that the title of engineer will be categorised as qualification level 6 according to the National Qualification Framework (NQF). More...

  • MATLAB in Technology and the Natural Sciences

    The programming language MATLAB and MATLAB-based products are widely used in technology and the natural sciences. As a result, MATLAB has been assigned a high priority in the education offered at TU Graz. More...

Continuing Education Programme 2018

Here you will find the training program, summarised in the annual program for 2018 (in German).
Order the brochure free of charge in printed form by sending an e-mail to lifelong.learningnoSpam@tugraz.at.

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