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Automotive Mechatronics

The automotive industry is steadily changing. More and more systems in the vehicles are being equipped with electrification and digitalisation.

Electrification affects the drive technologies, auxiliary units and various modules built into the vehicle to conserve resources and reduce environmental impacts. Digitalisation affects comfort functions, active vehicle safety and automated / autonomous driving functions. Both factors of this change lead to the increased use of electric / electronic (E/E) systems. For this reason, automobiles are increasingly evolving from products that have a dominant share of mechanical components into complex mechatronic systems.

Mechatronic systems are made up of mechanical, electrical and electronic components and modules, which define the product properties in strongly coordinated ways. An important basis for the successful development and production of mechatronic products is a comprehensive understanding of the system that encompasses all three of the domains that are involved: the mechanics, electrics and electronics, including the component software.


The university course delivers knowledge on three levels:

  1. Basic knowledge, which is necessary to gain a better understanding of and ability to interpret mechatronic systems and their development processes.
  2. Specialised knowledge and new insights, which are particularly relevant for the development and evaluation of new products.
  3. Practical application of the knowledge acquired in points 1 and 2 by carrying out exercises and project work.

A holistic approach to these topics is assured through the modular structure of the university course and connections made among the main content areas through the independent development and preparation of exercises and project work as part of the course.

The university course consists of 7 modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Automotive Mechatronics
  • Module 2: Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Module 3: Sensor, Actuator and Electric Motor Technologies
  • Module 4: Quality Management and Verification of Mechatronics Systems
  • Module 5: Introduction to Matlab-Simulink
  • Module 6: Introduction to Control Engineering
  • Module 7: Advanced Systems and Components Design

Target Groups and Admission Requirements

This course has been designed for

  • Experts, for example, IT employees, team leaders, project leaders, process owners, innovation managers
  • Management, for example, chief officers, division and department heads

Dates and Deadlines

Next course date: upon request

Quick Facts

  • Duration: 7 modules in weekly blocks (280 units)
  • Confirmation: Certificate of TU Graz
  • ECTS credits: 14
  • Language of instruction: German or English
  • Number of participants: at most 30
  • Curriculum (in German)

The course has been developed for people from the automotive industry who want to expand their knowledge in the field of mechatronic systems, components and development methods. Based on basic knowledge of electrical engineering, computer science and data communication, the development processes of mechatronic systems in automotive engineering will be described in detail; a series of exercises and comprehensive project work will also be offered.

Course Director

Mario Hirz
Assoc.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Institute of Automotive Engineering
Phone: +43 316 873 35220


Sarah Meinhardt

TU Graz Life Long Learning
Tel.: +43 316 873 4945