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Applied Statistics as a Problem-Solving Tool in Industry and Business:
Expert Course

Experimental research and development is no longer conceivable without the use of computer assisted statistical methods. Applied statistics are needed during experimental design, the modeling and analysis of experiments and the evaluation and critical interpretation of experimental results.
This course builds upon and extends the training received in the Introduction Course. You will gain specialized, practically relevant knowledge of statistical linear models such multiple linear regression and experimental design methods.


  • You deepen your knowledge of methods and approaches used in applied statistics.
  • You gain more experience using problem-solving tools have been successfully used in contract projects by the Institute of Statistics.
  • You gain deeper insights into the ways applied statisticians work.
  • You hone your skills working with the statistics programme package R (open source) und and use it to analyze data. 

The expert course includes 6 modules:

  • Module 1: Exercises from the introduction course
  • Module 2: Multiple linear regression I
  • Module 3: Multiple linear regression II
  • Module 4: Experimental Design I
  • Module 5: Experimental Design II
  • Module 6: Practical Case Studies –  Optimizing a welding process

Upon request, the course content can be customized to fit the needs of your company.

Target Groups and Admission Requirements

Company employees who are working in the areas of product development and the process industry.

Course participants are expected to hold a college or university degree, or are minimally assumed to have a basic knowledge of statistics. In addition, it is recommended to attend the Introduction Course first.

Dates and Deadlines

Quick Facts

  • Length: by arrangement, for example, 3 days
  • Certificate: confirmation of participation
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Participation fees: For 3 days (example): 890 € (VAT free) per person; when at least 3 representatives of a company participate: 770 € per person.
    Course materials and coffee break included in the fees.
  • Number of participants: 8 to 15
  • Course location: TU Graz or in-house training
All those participating in the company courses greatly benefit from working closely with one another and build bridges between their disciplines. Our highly qualified staff members share their knowledge, while the innovative use of the statistical models leads to the development of often surprising, efficient solutions to problems.

Why you should Attend this Course

  • because you would like to quickly learn fundamental methods and gain even more knowledge of applied statistics
  • because you would like to conduct practical exercises in small groups
  • because you would like to benefit from the experience gained in contract projects by members of the Institute of Statistics (for example, in the areas of chip design, environmental sciences, process industries, biometrics, traffic engineering)
  • because the course can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company

Programme Director

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Institute of Statistics
Phone: +43 316 873 6478


Sarah Meinhardt

TU Graz Life Long Learning
Tel.: +43 316 873 4945