Journal Article
Cedou Kumpenza, Andreas Ringhofer, Thomas Krenke, Adeayo Sotayo, Maximilian Pramreiter and Ulrich Müller Timber Screw Connection: Study of the Strain along the Interface Using Optical Measurement Techniques and Simulations
Cedou Kumpenza, Gerhard-David Schmidt, Adeayo Sotayo, Andreas Ringhofer and Ulrich Müller Study on torque and clamping forces of screw-connected plywood
Konstantin Ganster and Gerhard Schickhofer In situ-Messung innerhalb einer Außenwand in Holz-Massivbauweise mit Brettsperrholz im sockelnahen Bereich
Georg Baumann, Reinhard Brandner, Ulrich Müller, Cedou Kumpenza, Alexander Stadlmann and Florian Feist Temperature related properties of solid birch wood under quasi-static and dynamic bending

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