Finished Projects

AquaPhase - Infrared Spectroscopic Cloud Water Phase Determination in Icing Conditions

ACCIS II - In-situ Sensors for Automotive Exhaust Gases

AutoSpot - Worldwide First Automated and Contactless Spot Weld Inspection System for In-Line

CARES - City Air Remote Emission Sensing

CMO - Clean Motion Offensive

DEWI - Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure

DownToTen - Measuring Automotive Exhaust Particles down to 10 Nanometres

ECO-PowerDrive-2 - Emission & Fuel Consumption Reduction of Small Propulsion Systems under Real World Conditions

EFiPaS - Evanescence Field Particle Sensors

E3ON - Efficient Electric Energy Storage for Urban Public Transportation

FC Diamond - PEM Fuel Cell Degradation Analysis and Minimization Methodolgy Based on Joint Experimental and Simulation Techniques

GALION - Gas Sensors for Li-Ion battery systems

Gleissner Heliostat - Heliostat Tracking System Involving a Rope/Pulley System

ImmunoSens - Immune Sensor Platform

IonAs 2 - Ionic Wind Propulsion System for Aircrafts

LESS - Lifetime Extension of Flywheel Energy Storage Systems

LiFe - SOC and SOH Estimation for LiFePO4 Based Batteries

Magniscope - Development of Methods for the Rrecise Measurement of the Electrical Energy Flow in Hybrid Vehicles

MehAG - Test Bench Measurement for Electric Drives

mmWave - Development of a mm-Wavelength Metamaterial-Based Torque Sensor

MOGLI - Multiphysical Sensor Technology to Optimize the Operation of Lithium-Ion Batteries

ParticleSens - Development of a Highly Particulate Matter Sensor

PET - PEMS Equipment accuracy Test stand

PNPSDC - Photonic Nano Particle Sensors for Detecting CBRN Events

Porous Materials @ Work

PowerKERS - Kinetic Energy Recovery System for Personal Cars

PRCDS - Residual Current Protective Device

Snow Sensor - Sensor for Determining the Quality of Artificial Snow

SensMat - Preventive solutions for Sensitive Materials of Cultural Heritage

SIBS - Safety Assessment of Existing Retaining Structures

Solar Flywheel - Feasibility Study on Decentralized Low-Cost Flywheel Storage

VALERIE - Vibrational Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries

WK-Sense - System Concept and Development of Railway Qualified Acceleration Sensor Modules

X1T7 - Optimization of SCR After-Treatment Systems for Diesel Hybrid Cars