Development of a Highly Integrated Particulate Matter Sensor

Small and very small particles in the air, such as PM2.5 - commonly known as fine dust - and PM1 represent a serious threat to life and limb. Increasing awareness among the population and stricter regulations on the part of the legislation also lead to greater demands on the measurement and monitoring of air quality with respect to particle concentration. A close-meshed and wide-area monitoring has up to now failed due to the size, complexity and cost of the currently available sensors. The aim of the project is to provide the basis for a highly integrated, cost-effective, maintenance-free and easy-to-use particle sensor for mobile applications. Furthermore, a prototype is to be built out of which ultimately a mobile sensor should emerge. The project involves an intensive examination of different measurement principles, the selection of a suitable metric, the theoretical and experimental investigation of the selected measurement principle, conception and implementation, as well as validation of the sensor.


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Funding source: FFG - General Programme

Coordinator: ams AG

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