The electrification of vehicles is a major contribution to achieving the current climate goals. Possible vehicle concepts are fully electric vehicles, various forms of hybrid topologies and fuel cell vehicles. For all concepts, the electric drive train consists of the same essential components: energy storage - inverter - electric motor.
The inverter has the task to convert the dc voltage of the energy storage in a frequency-variable rotating field for driving the motor. To achieve high efficiency inverters, high switching frequency PWM signals are used.
For the evaluation, development and optimization of such inverter systems, a suitable measurement technique is required. At EMT, a high-precision differential voltage probe was developed for this purpose and prototypes were manufactured. Another important contribution were theoretical considerations regarding algorithms for calculating the power of inverter output signals.
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Hannes Wegleiter
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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Project Data

Duration: 3 years

Status: Finished

Workgroup: Energy Aware Measurement Systems

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