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Your Thesis at EMS

EMS invites motivated students to join a young enthusiastic team, and contribute and gain cutting-edge knowledge in the promising field of sensor technology.

Please note that any intended thesis carried out has to fulfill certain scientific standards. Those should be checked beforehand by consulting a habilitated professor of the institute in order to make a frictionless graduation possible.

Bachelor Thesis

A bachelor thesis gives the student the first possibility to perform an individual scientific essay under guidance. Furthermore, the work carried out is prepared in a written report and presented orally. If desired by the student, the project can be carried out in collaboration with a company. The topic can either be part of ongoing research activities at the institute or proposed by the student individually.

Open Bachelor Theses

Master Thesis

Within a master thesis the student carries out practical as well as theoretical research of a topic within the research area of the institute. Research of the literature and conceptual formulation of the problem is done mainly independently by the student. Further steps include analysis and processing of the topic and drawing conclusions. The research is processed in a written contribution and an oral presentation.
The master thesis should reflect the research interest of the student, hence the institute gladly accepts research topics suggested by the student. Furthermore, IES offers theses in collaborations with companies to enable excellent possibilites for an industry career as well as renowned research institutions to start a scientific career.

Open Master Theses

PhD Thesis

EMS is active in several research areas and acts as a scientific partner in many internationally funded projects. Therefore, students interested in carrying out a PhD thesis in an international scientific environment are encouraged to get in contact with EMS. PhD students are usually employed at the institute on fulltime basis.

Open PhD Theses


Sensor Systems and Sensor Physics
Alexander Bergmann

Energy Aware Measurement Systems
Hannes Wegleiter

Photonic Sensors
Alexander Bergmann