Different topics united in one research group

Our research is dedicated to all aspects of sensors based on optical transduction including synthesis of dyes, sensor materials, read-out systems and applications...
Luminescent indicatorsOne of the most important research directions of the Chemo- and Biosensor group is preparation of new luminescent indicators with advanced photophysical properties. NIR indicator dyes is one of the main focuses of our work since they enable low-interference measurement in most biological media due to low levels of autofluorescence and light scattering. Read more […]
Inorganic phosphors represent an interesting alternative to molecular (metal)organic indicators. Compared to the latter, they feature very high chemical and photochemical stability and are inert to most potentially interfering species (e.g. oxygen). So far, most of the phosphor materials have been designed for lightning applications and application in optical sensor materials is comparably rare. Read more [...]
Sensor materialsLuminescent and colorimetric indicators are undoubtedly the most important ingredients of sensor materials. Although they can be used on their own for analyte quantification, for example in microscopic imaging, in this form they represent molecular probes but not sensors. In order to enable reliable quantification of the analyte concentration in various media preparation of a sensor material is necessary. Read more […]
Upconversion - Anti-Stokes emission is not only a fascinating phenomenon but also has a number of features very attractive for practical applications. Thus multi-photon probes and probes based on lanthanide upconversion proved to be very useful for microscopic applications. Triplet-triplet-annihilation-based (TTA) upconversion represents the second upconversion type which is based on purely organic or metal-organic compounds and requires excitation energies comparable to those of the sunlight. Read more [...]
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