Our research is dedicated to all aspects of sensors based on optical transduction including dyes, sensing materials, read-out systems and applications. Optical sensors (optodes) are characterized by absence of electromagnetic interferences, comparably low cost, variety of formats (planar sensors, fiber-optic (micro)sensors, nanoparticles etc.), minimally invasive character, suitability for miniaturization, which makes them a promising alternative to more conventional analytical techniques. However, reliable quantification of vital parameters such as oxygen, pH, acidic and basic gases, ions, glucose etc. is only possible with help of advanced materials which combine high selectivity, good brightness, excellent chemical and photochemical stability and therefore, the main research topics, on one hand, include synthesis and characterization of novel luminescent indicators, fabrication of high performance sensing materials and optical sensors but also design of dedicated read-out devices and optical components. On the other hand, numerous applications of these sensors in biotechnology, medicine, biology, environmental monitoring and other fields are realized together with collaboration partners from academia and industry. Research topics, projects and publications provide a brief overview of the main activities of the group.

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Besides the current group members, we a grateful for all alumni and graduates, which were a personal and professional enrichment for our group.