The workgroup 'Element Analysis and Applied Sepctroscopy' deals with three research topics:

  • development of new analytical techniques for element and trace element analysis
  • investigation of problems in environmental and material sciences
  • development of automated sample preparation systems

Topics in the development of new analytical techniques for element and trace element analysis are

  • sample digestion, element concentration and matrix separation with focus on microwave techniques,
  • hyphenated methods with CSAAS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS with focus on high performance sample introduction systems,
  • fundamental studies in atomic spectrometry and ICP-MS.

The laboratory for contract analysis is a high tech lab for element analysis of organic and inorganic sample materials with state of the art equipment like microwave assisted sample preparation, CSAAS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, RFA and IC:


Ceramics, SiC
Slags, Oxides & Ores
Coal, Crude Oil, Tar & Plastics
Minerals, Soil, Sludge & Sediment (total)
Dissolution of Metals, Alloys & Platinum Group Metals
Food, Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Blood, Urine, Tissue & Serum
Extraction of Soil, Sediments, Sludge and Waste with Acids/Solvents