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"On the 6th of November 2018, the computer science department of the TU Graz organized the talk „Empowering Girls and Mothers worldwide to innovate using AI“. The talk introduced Iridiscent‘s concept on educating girls in low-income countries, featuring impressive success stories and the philosophy of the project.

After a talk and an extensive question segment, four female students, including me, had the opportunity to have dinner with Tara Chklovski, Iridiscent‘s founder and CEO. She was very interested in our studies and why we chose to study computer science. We were able to inquire about many different topics, both related to her work and how she was able to found her nonprofit organization. Tara was happy to answer any questions that occured after recounting the talk. Additionally, she gave us helpful advice on both our studies and future careers, as well as recounting anecdotes from her youth and upbringing.

It was a very interesting and beneficial experience to have the opportunity to meet the founder of a large nonprofit organization. Personally, it was most interesting to get advice from Tara on how to start a company and to gain insight on possible challenges, both during the startup phase and also when running a large company. "

Lena Heimberger

Upcoming Talks

CS Talk #2

Nava Tintarev (Delft University of Technology)

Supporting User Control for Diverse Item Recommendations

14.12.2018 | 17:00

Aula Alte Technik



CS Talk #3

Kristina Lerman (USC University of Southern California)

Title: tba

27.03.2019 | 17:00

Aula Alte Technik



CS Talk #4

Claudia Wagner (University Koblenz-Landau, Leibnitz Institute for the Social Sciences)

Title: tba

17.06.2019 | 17:00

Aula Alte Technik



Past Talks

CS Talk #1

Tara Chklovski (Founder and CEO of Iridescent)

Empowering Girls and Mothers to Innovate Using AI

06.11.2018 | 17:00

Aula Alte Technik




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