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Overview: University

Which principles and aims guide the members of TU Graz? Which quality standards shape their work? Why is TU Graz one of the universities in Austria with the best cooperation ventures? On which traditions is the university based? Find out more about strategy, aims, achievements and history at TU Graz.

TU Graz Compact

Gain an overview of TU Graz by taking a look at numbers and facts. Find out more in the university’s publications – in print and online. Get an overall picture in TU Graz Compact.

Mission Statement

What does TU Graz stand for? What are the university’s aims? What makes the university unique? Click here to find out about the Mission Statement.

Key Objectives and Focus Areas

Find out about the TU Graz Key Objectives and Focus Areas.

Cooperation Ventures

Who does TU Graz cooperate with, to make it possible to achieve more? For further information see Cooperation Ventures in Research and Teaching.


What does diversity mean to TU Graz? Which measures does the university implement? Find out about how the university promotes diversity under Diversity.


Proactively shaping the digital transformation is a key objective of TU Graz. Read more about Digitalisation

Climate-Neutral TU Graz

TU Graz has adopted an ambitious roadmap for its path to climate neutrality by 2030, making it one of the pioneers among Austria's universities. Read more on page Climate-Neutral TU Graz

Quality Management

All employees contribute to the high standards of research and teaching at TU Graz. Quality Management is described on this page.

TU Graz Corporate Portfolio

TU Graz works together closely with partners from science and business by means of participations. Here you can find out about the TU Graz Corporate Portfolio.

Organisational Basis

The University Act and the Statute form the basis of work in research and teaching. Here, you can find out about the Organisational Basis.


TU Graz has an impressive history. Find out more under History.

Buildings of TU Graz

TU Graz spreads across 3 big campus locations: the Alte Technik campus, the Neue Technik campus and Inffeldgasse campus. Learn more about the buildings of TU Graz.

University Gazettes

The TU Graz Bulletin is where TU Graz publishes its official decisions, regulations and announcements, such as regulations, vacant positions, grants and curricula: University Gazettes