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Mission Statement

The Mission statement contains the mission, the vision and the principles of TU Graz.


Mission of TU Graz

  • TU Graz has five internationally-recognised scientific Fields of Expertise. It maintains a balanced relationship between basic, scientific and applied research.
  • TU Graz offers a diverse array engineering, scientific and design programmes. It places a focus on research-based, mainly English-language master's and PhD programmes that are based on bachelors programmes that involve basic research.
  • TU Graz provides its students with high-level training, promotes critical and creative thinking and responsible conduct and infuses students with enthusiasm for science and their careers.
  • TU Graz highly values its employees and supports their personal development.
  • As an innovative scientific and training partner, TU Graz contributes significantly to the attractiveness and development of Styria.
Source: Lunghammer – TU Graz

Vision of TU Graz

  • TU Graz is shaping the future with passion and inspires others for science, technology and innovation.
  • TU Graz is cosmopolitan and attracts the best researchers.
  • TU Graz is ranked among the top 10 universities in Europe in its Fields of Expertise.
  • TU Graz imparts skills and knowledge through its excellent teaching and use of modern, subject-specific subject-specific teaching methods and technologies.
  • TU Graz acts as a strategic partner for renowned national and international universities, research institutes and technology companies.
  • TU Graz transforms its students into critical and creative thinkers and integrates fundamental research into market-based innovation processes, promoting start-ups.
  • TU Graz community is an international one in which supports the equal treatment of all members. The students, employees and graduates of TU Graz clearly value this strong sense of community.
  • TU Graz is characterised by its service-oriented university management and its effective and efficient organisation.

Principles of TU Graz

The principles of Graz University of Technology go to form the basis and guidelines which find special consideration in our daily work and association with each other.

  • We are an achievement-oriented community of researchers, teachers, students, staff and alumni who work in an open and innovation-oriented atmosphere of intellectual freedom and responsibility.
  • Our research and teaching results are a valuable commodity which we create and make use of as efficiently as possible – both economically and scientifically.
  • We are committed to achievement and its evaluation in an inspiring environment full of creativity with equal opportunities for all.
  • Our organisation in the field of research and teaching is as decentralised as possible, and in the field of services and central administration as centralised as is necessary.
  • We create an atmosphere of belongingness, partnership and solidarity with respect to Graz University of Technology.
  • We actively communicate with the public about our achievements.
  • We are aware of ourselves as a role model and feel committed to it.

What makes us unique?

  • a leading Graduate University that offers a diverse array of English-language programmes
  • a pioneer in terms of inter-university programmes
  • an international leader in business cooperation
  • the home of world-class student teams