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Third term of office: Harald Kainz reappointed as Rector of TU Graz

06/14/2018 | TU Graz news | University

By Barbara Gigler

On Thursday, 14 June 2018, after shortened proceedings, the University Council and the Senate of TU Graz reappointed incumbent Rector Harald Kainz for a third term of office.

University Council and Senate of TU Graz reappointed incumbent Rector Harald Kainz for a third term of office © TU Graz

The Graz-born civil engineer Harald Kainz has been steering the path of TU Graz since October 2011. The third term of office of Rector Harald Kainz begins in October 2019 and runs until September 2023. Harald Kainz is the first Rector of TU Graz to be confirmed in office for a second time.

The dynamic further development of TU Graz means a great deal to both the University Council, under the chair of Karin Schaupp, and the Senate, under the chair of Gernot Kubin: ‘We’re extremely pleased to reappoint Harald Kainz as Rector and thus to continue to pursue the successful strategic orientation of TU Graz. Building on what has already been achieved, we will continue to strengthen our excellence in research and teaching, raise our international profile, and take on global challenges with great dynamism to consolidate TU Graz’s leading position,’ added Schaup and Kubin.

In profile: Rector Harald Kainz

Harald Kainz was born in 1958. After completing his studies in civil engineering and engineering management in construction at Graz University of Technology, in 1982 he was employed at the Institute of Urban Water Management and Landscape Water Engineering. After gaining his doctorate in 1990, he took up assignments in managing positions in engineering offices in Austria and abroad. After ten years of experience in business he returned to Graz University of Technology and was appointed to the Chair of Urban Water Management and Landscape Water Engineering. In 2004 Harald Kainz was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In 2007 he became Vice Rector of Infrastructure and Information and Communications Technology and has been Rector of Graz University of Technology since 2011.

More about Rector Harald Kainz


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Rector Harald Kainz was reappointed for a third term until 2023 © Lunghammer - TU Graz
Harald Kainz remains rector of TU Graz until 2023 © Lunghammer - TU Graz