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Studying at university: From abroad to TU Graz

04/14/2020 |

By Ute Wiedner

International students from six Southeast European countries support compatriots who want to start studying at Graz University of Technology. They share their experiences and help others to plan their studies in Austria.

Jovana Vujačić and Lazar Gugleta are studying abroad. They are two of eleven "ambassadors" who share their experiences as internationals at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) with fellow countrymen.

Suddenly there's this idea: "I’d like to study abroad, but not only for one semester; I’d like to stay longer and to finish my studies there." But after the first enthusiasm the hurdles just seem to grow bigger. Application deadlines, legal formalities, funding, housing and other things. Is it really worth going through all this?

"Studying at TU Graz is one of the best decisions I ever made. I have the feeling of not wasting my potential here and I’m really satisfied. Life in Graz is peaceful and at the same time quite dynamic. I would say that it is the students who give Graz its typical atmosphere," says Jovana Vujačić underlining her experiences, who decided to study at Graz, Austria.

In the TU Graz blog "Talking about..." the ambassadors write about their motivation to come to TU Graz, and their first steps on the way to studying abroad and more.

Eleven "international student ambassadors" from six countries

Vujačić comes from Serbia and is one of eleven "international student ambassadors" of TU Graz who are all students with an international background that support interested people from their home countries. The "ambassadors" study architecture, civil engineering and construction management, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, molecular biology, software engineering and management in a bachelor's or master's programme. "Being a part of TU Graz means that you love what you’re studying and have a vision of the future. There are many reasons to choose TU Graz. For me it was the simple admissions procedure, high-quality teaching and research, the very good future prospects, and an inviting attitude towards international students", says Endrit Sadriu from Kosovo, describing the welcoming culture of TU Graz. Like all international student ambassadors, he knows the requirements and country-specific challenges that fellow countrymen face when they want to start studying in Austria, at TU Graz. And like them, he supports prospective students from his home country on their way to TU Graz, using his own experiences.

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The TU Graz International Student Ambassadors answer questions about studying and student life at TU Graz and help international students from their countries of origin to plan their own studies at TU Graz and to get to know the international student community.


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The International Office – Welcome Center offers support for international degree-seeking students from all countries and the Registration Office of TU Graz provides support regarding admission to studies at TU Graz.