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Zwei Menschen in einem Raum der teils als reals, teils als digitalisiert dargestellt ist

Mixed Reality: U.S. Company Snap Inc. Endows TU Graz Professorship

The company behind the instant messaging service Snapchat will be researching new technologies in the field of mixed reality with TU Graz over the next six years. A working group is being set up and the professorship will be filled by the end of the year.   Read more 18. May 2022
Smiling woman holding an artificial human hand with elements attached.

Electronic Skin: Physicist at TU Graz Develops Multisensory Hybrid Material

The “smart skin” developed by Anna Maria Coclite is very similar to human skin. It senses pressure, humidity and temperature simultaneously and produces electronic signals. More sensitive robots or more intelligent prostheses are thus conceivable.   Read more 16. May 2022


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