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Here is all the TU Graz news in the section 'Research'. The editorial team welcomes your suggestions, feedback and information about current events. Please contact us by email.
A picture split in the middle with two times the same subject, once in color, once in black and white.

AI Algorithm Puts the Colour Back in Black and White Films

TU Graz has developed an AI-based algorithm that colours black-and-white images realistically. This is particularly interesting for the restoration of historical recordings.   Read more 20. March 2023
Two hands hold cuboid gray blocks.

New CD lab: Building Material from Residual and Waste Materials

The “CD-Laboratory for waste-based geopolymer construction materials in the CO2-neutral circular economy” is dedicated to the development of building materials based on inorganic industrial waste and secondary raw materials.   Read more 3. March 2023


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