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07/06/2018 | Talking about ...

By Erika Lavia

The admission period starts at TU Graz on 9th July and with it advice about enrolment. Mathematician Erika Lavia explains the questions she had as a prospective student and shares some practical advice.

Students from the TU Graz Students’ Union answer your personal questions about studying from 9th July to 5th September. It’s worth finding your way to Rechbauerstrasse for.
In my last school year before taking the ‘Matura’ – which are the school leaving exams for university entrance – I thought about whether I wanted to go to university or not, and if so, what I wanted to study. After all, all the admission procedures and admission deadlines are all different for the different study programmes. Because I was interested in technology and science, I soon found out that I wanted to enrol at TU Graz. I also had difficulties deciding which field of study I wanted to do. Mathematics or physics? On top of that, I found I had lots of questions about studying.

So I took the opportunity of visiting the enrolment advice service of the TU Graz Students’ Union (HTU Graz) at Rechbauerstrasse 12 on the first floor, right in front of the Registration Office, where you go to register for your chosen course once you have decided. This is where students give advice to prospective students each year during the admission period – which is from 9th July to 5th September this year – and answer any questions about studying in Graz.

No sooner had I arrived than the student adviser contacted me, thus immediately breaking the ice...

No sooner had I arrived than the student adviser contacted me, thus immediately breaking the ice, and I was able to ask my questions without any hurdles. She explained to me that the curricula, in other words the subjects comprising the course, where the individual regulations and the courses which have to be completed are laid own, are to be found on the TU Graz web site.
We also talked about job opportunities after finishing studies because I had no idea about them. Thanks to this help, I finally decided to study for a bachelor’s degree in mathematics – so far so good, but what should I do afterwards?

After choosing your study programme – what now?

Thanks to the help of the enrolment advice service, I finally decided to study for a bachelor’s degree in mathematics – but what should I do afterwards?

  • As soon as you have decided which study programme or programmes you want to study, you can carry out the online registration from home very easily. At this point, it’s helpful to know that you can still edit your application after entering it. Even your choice of study programme can be changed!
  • It is also important to upload a portrait photo, which will be printed on your student identity card – the TU Graz Card.
  • The TU Graz Card serves as an official identification card when you take your exams at the University and also privately to take advantage of student discounts.
  • Next, I visited the <link _self int-link-internal internal link in current>Registration Office of TU Graz to complete the registration. Don’t forget to bring your passport or certificate of citizenship and your general qualification for university entrance. At this point, you have to firmly choose your study programme.
  • If you uploaded your photo during online registration, your TU Graz Card will be personally handed to you. Otherwise, you’ll have to visit the Registration Office again.
  • Registration is finally completed when the <link _self int-link-internal internal link in current>Students’ Union fee of EUR 19.70 has been successfully paid in. The fee is actually the membership fee of the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH) and has to be paid every semester. The Students’ Union fee automatically includes an accident and liability insurance coverage.
  • After successful registration – at least three days after payment – I was able to set up my account in <link https: online.tugraz.at tug_online webnav.ini _blank int-link-external external link in new>the information management system TUGRAZonline. This helps you to coordinate your study programme and to register for courses and later also for exams. Here, you can also download your confirmation of enrolment. I printed this out straightaway and sent it to the Tax Office to extend my family allowance. I activated it my TU Graz Card in one of the designated machines and had an expiry date stamped on it. These machines are distributed around TU Graz. The card can only be stamped in October when the winter semester starts at the University.
You can find all the information about first registration at TU Graz on the TU Graz website.

Tips and tricks to help you start your studies

From the enrolment advice service I received many more tips and tricks which made my introduction to studies easier. I was recommended to register for the MATHE-FIT course, which I was happy to attend in September, to polish up my mathematics knowledge.
I learned that each study field has its own student representative, who supports first-semester students considerably at the beginning of their studies through first-semester tutorials. I was able to clear up any questions regarding my studies and daily life in Graz at the tutorial.
Information about study assistance, living and looking for accommodation in Graz, the much cheaper annual public transport card and a stamp for the canteen was also very helpful.

So, if I’ve awoken your interest, and if you’ve got any questions, visit the enrolment advice service! The study programme advisers are happy to help you!


Advice about enrolment for 2018 from the TU Graz Students’ Union
Time: 9th July to 5th September, Monday to Friday from 9am to midday.
Place: TU Graz, Rechbauerstrasse 12, 1st Floor, 8010 Graz, Austria
More about the TU Graz Students’ Union on the HTU Graz website.
Fit-for-maths course: The Fit-for-maths course is open to first-year students of all subjects at TU Graz.
Welcome Days: The introductory days for first-semester students provide information about the organisation of studies, benefits and allowances, and more.


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