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Science live: Long Night of Research on 22 April

04/11/2016 | TU Graz news | Research | Events

By Susanne Eigner

TU Graz to participate in Austria’s biggest research event on 22 April – an entertaining opportunity to experience science and engineering research live. Entry is free.

Getting close to science at the Long Night of Research: TU Graz is participating in the biggest research event in Austria with 28 locations.
Can concrete float? How transparent are humans from the point of view of medicine? And who is visiting the icy moons of Jupiter? Questions upon questions, whose answers are being intensively researched throughout Austria.  The Long Night of Research is on 22 April in all the federal states and will give everyone the opportunity to experience research close up. TU Graz is also participating in the biggest research event in Austria with 28 locations. The aim is to present science in an exciting and easily comprehensible way which is not short on fun and entertainment. Rector Harald Kainz: “We would like to welcome all those interested along with their families to TU Graz, and we will take them on a journey through the fascinating world of science, technology and research. Watch our researchers at work and prepare to be amazed.”

Aha experience guarantee

The 28 locations on the Neue Technik campus in Stremayrgasse, Steyrergasse and Petersgasse give insights into the colourful world of science at TU Graz. The journey ranges from the micro and nano worlds via biomechanics and rescue robotics to satellite research and the factory of tomorrow. All five strategic research areas of TU Graz – the so-called Fields of Expertise – are represented in the programme. Beside Magna and the Virtual Vehicle research centre, the student racing team “TERA TU Graz” will also present itself with its energy-efficient fast cars in the specially built technology park.

A to B conveniently

Holding Graz bus lines are supporting the Long Night of Research. Starting at 4:30pm, five bus routes will leave Jakominiplatz at 15-minute intervals for the individual research locations. With the “C-Line” and the “Technik-Line” you can conveniently travel to all the research locations of TU Graz. And because being astonished is hungry work, the “Mia&Mason” canteen in Stremayrgasse 16 is open till 11pm (with café on the ground floor and restaurant on the top floor).
Austria’s biggest research event is organised by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, the Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Council for Research and Technology Development.


Long Night of Research at TU Graz
Date: Friday, 22 April 2016, 17.00 to 23.00 p.m.
Location: Campus Neue Technik
Entry is free! Find more details about the Long Night of Research at www.langenachtderforschung.at  

The TU Graz program in detail (in german) is online at <media 21825 _blank int-link-media "TEXT, LNF2016 Programm TU Graz, LNF2016_Programm_TU_Graz.pdf, 3.3 MB">Forschung live! Programm der TU Graz</media>


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