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Experiencing space: TU Graz presents the architecture magazine GAM.13

04/21/2017 | TU Graz news | Events

By Susanne Eigner

“Spatial Expeditions”: GAM.13 is dedicated to the experience of space using all the senses. On Thursday 27 April, the Faculty of Architecture of TU Graz will present the current issue – guests are welcome!

Out now: GAM.13, the architecture magazine of TU Graz. Entitled "Spatial Expedition", the current issue will be presented 27 April at Campus Alte Technik.
Our experience of space is not only visual, but multisensorial. However, in the design and reception of architecture, tactile, acoustic and olfactory perceptions are usually hardly ever considered. An ongoing discourse on the subject of holistic spatial perception is missing in architecture. GAM.13, the current issue of the architecture magazine of TU Graz, aims to initiate this very discourse under the title of “Spatial Expeditions” and makes use of an expeditionary method using perceptual techniques from architecture, the visual arts, and music and dance to acquire new awareness and perspectives of constructed space. TU Graz’s Faculty of Architecture cordially invites representatives of the media and other interested parties to the presentation of GAM.13.

The Graz Architecture Magazine, abbreviated to GAM, opens up interdisciplinary perspectives on topical themes in architecture through articles by international authors. The magazine has been issued annually since 2004 by TU Graz’s Faculty of Architecture, and is published in German and English by the Jovis publishing house in Berlin. The editorial staff of GAM.13 include Anselm Wagner (executive editor), Petra Eckhard (managing editor), Manfred Omahna (book review editor), Martina Hanke (coordination of faculty news) and guest editors Irmgard Frank, Franziska Hederer and Claudia Gerhäusser.


Presentation GAM.13 „Spatial Expeditions“
Selection, presentation and celebration
Date: Thursday, 27 April 2017, 7 p.m.
Location: Alte Technik, Lecture Hall II, Rechbauerstraße 12, 8010 Graz
Further information can be found here and more detailed here. GAM.13 Spatial Expeditions, 2017.
Paperback EUR 19.95
ISBN: 978-3-86859-853-7 | Jovis Verlag (Berlin)
Orders should be made directly from Jovis Verlag.


GAM editorial office | Institute of Architectural Theory, History of Art and Cultural Studies
phone +43 (0) 316 873 4188
E-mail: i.humenberger@tugraz.at

GAM.13 is dedicated to the experience of space using all the senses.