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Support and counselling for (prospective) students of TU Graz

Mastering your studies alone? It doesn't have to be like that at all! From initial study counselling to graduation, TU Graz offers a lot of support services for interested parties and students. An insight.

The so-called "Student Life Cycle" represents all phases of student life: prospective students, first-year students, students up to graduates. In each of these stages, all those who wish to do so receive support from a wide range of services at TU Graz. No matter whether it is about admission questions, challenges in courses or the last metres to graduation. Experience shows, however, that it is rarely the availability of the services that causes problems, but rather the lack of knowledge that the services exist. This article is therefore dedicated to these diverse possibilities.

Offers for prospective students

If you want to start a study programme in Austria, you can choose from far more than 2,000 programmes ranging from bachelor's to doctoral programmes (see for example studienwahl.at or studienplattform.at). It can be difficult to keep an overview or make a decision. However, it is always worth taking a look at the technical, engineering, scientific and informatics programmes offered by TU Graz. Graduates are in the midst of dealing with all kinds of socially relevant topics such as climate change, alternative forms of mobility or cyber security and contribute to solving related challenges.

Those interested can get more information about the study programmes on offer at fairs such as the BeSt or the annual Open Day (always shortly after Easter). Those who already have a more precise idea of what they want to study can try out courses accompanied by students via "Studieren probieren" (Website in German). Another important aspect is the individual counselling service, which is available for single studies as well as for the general study programme and for financial and admission questions and can be used at any time.

You can get tailor-made information at the diverse advisory offers. Choose from the possibilities: from fairs to general counselling on study programmes to counselling by students.

Even before the first lecture, there are many offers to get to know TU Graz. Photo source: Lunghammer - TU Graz

Offers for first-year students

Those who have already decided to study can prepare themselves for the start of their studies. The preparatory courses that form a bridge between school or other university entrance qualifications and the start of studies are recommended and in high demand. In addition to a general introduction to university life with the "SOS MOOC", “Informatik-Fit” (Fit for Computer Science) and “Mathe-Fit” (Fit for Maths) are subject-specific offers that provide a useful repetition of the basics for a (more) relaxed start of studies. The Fit courses are divided into freely available online courses, which are available annually from August onwards, and subsequent face-to-face courses in September, in which the content can be practised in greater depth. You can also deepen your digital skills in an online course independent of your subject. See iMooX.at for all online courses.

Are you about to start your studies? On a separate overview page, we provide you with everything you need to know before then and which preparatory courses are available. There you can also download the booklet for first-year students as compact guideline with lots of useful tips for your start at university.

Finally, the Welcome Days take place every year at the end of September, where all first-year students receive a general and study-specific introduction to everyday life as a student at TU Graz. It is worthwhile to drop by and get to know your first fellow students right away. You will also have the chance to do this at the first-semester tutorials of your student representatives from the beginning of October, where you can benefit first-hand from the experiences of higher-semester students from your degree programme. Of course, the social aspect is not neglected.

In addition to learning spaces for different learning settings, IT learning centres, libraries & co., TU Graz also offers, among other things, a rooftop canteen with a view over Graz. Photo source: Lunghammer - TU Graz.

Offers during studies

Some offerings are related to courses and are combined with them, e.g. accompanying tutorials or study groups. Here you can deepen the content of the courses again. Many other offers are open to all students. In addition to the counselling services offered by HTU and your student representatives (e.g. for questions regarding study law), these include “Accessible Learning”, the Working Group for Equal Opportunities (AKG), free psychosocial counselling services, contact points for questions about study abroad experiences such as the International Office of the HTU or the International Office - Welcome Center of TU Graz, Deans' offices (responsible for the administrative processing of your studies) of the faculties for credit transfer questions, the library as a place of learning and as a service point for your enquiries about research/literature searches and much more.

At TU Graz there are more than 50 learning locations: from bookable group study rooms to large learning centres. Click here for an overview!

And networking? ... should not be neglected, of course. Whether through study groups, events, drawing studios, student teams or the University Sport Institute (USI): the possibilities are extremely diverse.

The diverse student teams at TU Graz are an ideal way to get to know students with similar interests and to apply study content in practice. Photo source: Betonkanu - TU Graz.

Offers at graduation and afterwards

Support is also important for the last few metres. Take advantage of graduation counselling, writing groups or regular events with a special focus on the graduation phase and work. The Graduation Support is representative for all these activities and helps you with a lot of expertise on your way to graduation.

In terms of career, the world is open to you after your studies at TU Graz. At the annual Teconomy, a career fair for students from the technical and scientific fields, you can already make direct contact with companies. You can also use the Career Info Service (Website in German) to click through the many job offers. Moreover, you can benefit from many advantages by becoming a member of alumniTUGraz 1887. An overview of the offers for graduates

As you can see, there is support for every student situation at TU Graz. If you get stuck, it is best to contact your student representatives or the HTU directly. The student union (Hochschüler*innenschaft/HTU) represents your interests, is made up of students and is in regular contact with the university's governing bodies.


Hannes Müller is member of staff at the service unit for Higher Education and Programme Development at Graz University of Technology. In addition to coordinating initiatives for first-year students, he is also involved in the annual execution of internal student surveys at the university and supports quality-promoting measures in teaching.
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