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Places to network and study at TU Graz

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What are the best spots on the TU Graz campus to meet and study? Sara Krak, international student ambassador and student of electrical engineering in Graz, Austria, helps you to prepare for a TU Graz journey.

Choosing the right spot for studying

The beginning of studies or of a new semester is stressful for most students. They are usually starting their semesters with many goals and hopes, sometimes also fears. New beginnings usually mean meeting new people, preparing for exams and practicals, doing homework and group projects. This is why it is really important to find the best place and atmosphere for not only studying, but taking breaks as well. Some students are better motivated when studying at home, but a lot of them also like to study at the University. I personally find it better to study in a group or alone at “Studienzentrum” (center for studying, study lounge) or library, because this way even when I am lacking some motivation, my surroundings persuades me to keep going.

International student ambassador Ekrem Toroman gives tips for successfully studying and graduating in his blogpost.

TU Graz offers its students numerous options for studying – for both those who like to study alone with not many noisy surroundings and those who study better in groups or are doing a group project. When choosing the right place for studying, students should keep the following points in their mind:

  • Surroundings (noisy or quiet, studying in a group or alone)
  • Location/area (how close to the students’ residence, nearby shops)
  • Options for taking breaks (cafés, restaurants, coffee and snack vending machines, seating areas)
  • Other (internet connection, available study equipment, opening hours, library)

A young woman and a young man work together on a PC in a bright room with many computer workstations.

TU Graz offers its students numerous options for studying on campus – for both those who like to study alone and those who study better in groups. (Image source: Lunghammer – TU Graz)


TU Graz comprises three campus locations – Alte Technik, Neue Technik and Inffeldgasse.

TU Graz: Campus Inffeldgasse

One of my favorite places to study at is at Campus Inffeldgasse, at Inffeldgasse 10 to be specific. This place is also called the “Studienzentrum”, which means study center. It includes three floors and each one of them has rooms for studying. It can be accessed any time with a TU Graz student card. On the ground and first floors you can find a library where you can study in silence. This is a subject library (in German “Fachbibliothek”), which features books in the following fields: mechanical and electrical engineering, IT, process engineering, computer science and biomedical engineering. On the ground floor you can also find a canteen with delicious meals and discounts for TU Graz students. Also, a copy shop is to be found on the ground floor. On the second and third floors there are study halls which are perfect for studying in bigger groups, but also alone when preferred.

A young man and a young woman in front of a modern building that is partially overgrown with foliage.
One of my favorite places to study at is at Campus Inffeldgasse, in the so-called “Studienzentrum” at Inffeldgasse 10. (Image source: Lunghammer – TU Graz)

At Studienzentrum Inffeldgasse you can also find a so-called “E-Lab”. The E-Lab offers basic electronics equipment including many standard components. Electrical engineering students and others can practice and prepare themselves for various laboratories here. Different workshops on electrical engineering topics are organized in the E-Lab as well. As this laboratory is run by student volunteers there are no fixed opening hours. Using the E-Lab website (only in German) you can find out if the laboratory is open or closed. A green circle indicates that the laboratory is open, and a red circle indicates that it is closed. There is a calendar option as well, which shows when the laboratory will be open.

If you look for other study areas at Campus Inffeldgasse, Campus Neue Technik or Campus Alte Technik start a search in the campus management system TUGRAZonline under "usage" type of use "Study area". You will find all the study areas there – from the smallest to the largest. The "Learning Locations" website shows the main learning locations by campus location, usually with photos.

The office of IAESTE Graz (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) is located on the second floor of Studienzentrum Inffeldgasse. This is a voluntary student organization which helps students in getting study-related paid internships abroad, which is a great opportunity because this way students get to experience living in a new country and working in their field of study at the same time. IAESTE is also a part of local and international career projects, such as Teconomy. Teconomy Graz is a careers fair, which brings together different companies from Graz and its surrounding area. This allows students to get to know more about companies from their field of study and learn about potential job positions. This year, Teconomy takes place on 4th May on Campus Alte Technik, Rechbauerstraße 12. By the way, for those interested in technology career paths I would also recommend beWANTED, a careers event organized by BEST (Board of European Students of Technology). BEST is an international student network, and they usually organize beWANTED in November. BeWANTED offers students professional CV checks and informal interviews with the HRs of their preferred companies. I know a lot of students who got their first interview or found their first field job at these events.
TU Graz, its student organizations, and careers fairs offer many possibilities for creating and expanding student networks and discovering job opportunities.

TU Graz: New Campus (Campus Neue Technik)

But back to the campus locations of TU Graz and their learning spaces and meeting places, independent of trade fairs and other events. Beside Campus Inffeldgasse, Campus Neue Technik also provides many different spots to study at. There are learning areas in almost every building, for example in Petersgasse 10 to 12 on the ground floor, in Petersgasse 14 on all floors as well as in Kopernikusgasse 24 on the first floor. The spot I like the most is the Biomedical Engineering building (BMT) in Stremayrgasse 16. This place is famous for its rooftop canteen (Mensa). On the ground floor is a student lounge with an interesting interior design. Part of this lounge is also a coffee place M-Café. In Stremayrgasse 16 you can also find the NAWI subject library. This library offers a variety of books in the following fields – chemistry, geodesy, mathematics and natural sciences.

A young woman and a young man sit opposite each other at a small table with a sandwich and work materials on it; in the background a high table with three students and a laptop.

On the ground floor of the Biomedical Engineering building is a student lounge including a coffe place. (Image source: Lunghammer – TU Graz)

TU Graz: Old Campus (Campus Alte Technik)

The Main Library (in German “Hauptbibliothek”) in Technikerstraße 4 is a part of Campus Alte Technik. It extends over four floors and is a lovely place for studying and reading, as it includes books from all different kind of fields, with a focus on architecture and civil engineering. Campus Alte Technik at Rechbauerstraße 12 is where you can find the Registrar’s Office – one of the first contacts with TU Graz for all students. Both Alte Technik and Neue Technik are centrally located, which makes them easy to access – by foot, bicycle, or public transport. They are surrounded by shops, cafés, and restaurants.

Young woman standing in the foreground with an open book in her hands, in the background bookshelves and small tables, some of which are occupied by young people.
The Main Library of TU Graz extends over four floors and is a lovely place for studying and reading. (Image source:  Lunghammer – TU Graz)
Young man and woman on a bicycle on the driveway of a historic building.
Both old and new Campuses are centrally located, which makes them easy to access – on foot, by bicycle or public transport. That’s me and a colleague in front of the Alte Technik building. (Image source: TU Graz – Lunghammer)

TU Graz: Drawing studios

The so called “Zeichensäle” are self-administered rooms for joint learning by students of certain fields of study. Students from different semesters meet there and exchange knowledge and experiences. At TU Graz there are nine drawing studios spread across all three campus locations.

Visit the Website of TU Graz to find an overview of the Drawing Studios at TU Graz from A to Z.

TU Graz: University of many possibilities

Beside places for studying, Campuses at TU Graz offer spots and events for meeting friends and other students. Events like TU Fest and “Spritzerstände” are perfect for having fun, meeting new people, and relaxing from daily responsibilities. And for those who need to take a break from studying or find themselves between lectures there are canteens and cafés as mentioned. The surroundings of the campuses are also perfect for walking and getting a breath of fresh air.


Young man and woman standing with a coffee on the railing of a terrace above the roofs of a historic old town.
Beside places for studying, Campuses at TU Graz offer spots and events for meeting friends, having fun and relaxing. (Image source: Lunghammer – TU Graz)

Being a part of TU Graz helps developing not only professional, but social skills as well. In addition to providing quality education, it helps its students to create and expand their networks. Studying here has made me realize that TU Graz is not only about completing your studies, but also enjoying the journey.

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Discover the three campus locations of TU Graz and let two students show you their favorite places to study, eat and relax.
Sara Krak comes from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She currently studies Electrical Engineering at TU Graz. She became an International Student Ambassador to advise and encourage international students – mainly from her home country – who are thinking about coming to TU Graz. Feel free to contact her with any questions regarding her or other degree programmes and anything related to studying and living in Graz.
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