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Development of the TU Graz Company Portfolio

Since the university became autonomous in 2004, the TU Graz shareholdings have significantly increased in terms of number and extent of economic activity.

The Austrian COMET competence centres programme and its previous programmes have been critical for this development.

Turn over in affiliated companies of TU Graz.

Development of Revenues

The TU Graz portfolio companies displayed a total annual turnover of around € 126 million in recent years, 23% of which was brought in through joint projects together with TU Graz institutes.

Date: 31.12.2020

Employees in affiliated companies of TU Graz.

Development of Staff

The university subsidiaries currently employ over 1,400 staff members. More than 85% of the positions in the portfolio companies are in Styria and around 2/3 are located in the greater Graz area.

Date: 31.12.2020

The shareholdings are an important pillar of TU Graz in its cooperation with industry and other scientific institutions.

TU Graz has purposefully allocated the portfolio companies to the five research areas of TU Graz - the 5 Fields of Expertise. This means that additional personnel, expertise and research infrastructure can be tapped at the location via the associated companies and used for close cooperation with the institutes of TU Graz.

University Subsidaries and Fields of Expertise of TU Graz