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Educational Technology

TU Graz is actively pursuing new paths in teaching and learning and has adopted a strategy to achieve the flexibility and accessibility that will be needed in the university of tomorrow. Online teaching and learning are being expanded step by step. This involves not only providing new technological platforms but also supporting the teachers in adapting their didactic methodology to the new media and also supporting the relevant media competence of both staff and students. The vision of TU Graz Educational Technology includes:
  • Enhancing face-to-face teaching through media use;
  • Supporting learning activities;
  • Encouraging communication, and
  • Ensuring continuity through a reliable central support services.
In the future, TU Graz should be a large learning and teaching community that is part of the information society of tomorrow. This vision is encapsulated in the motto the power of the people. For an overview of the services and activities of the Educational Technology Unit, visit elearning.tugraz.at.

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Educational Technology
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