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Overview: Studying at TU Graz

Students at TU Graz take courses that are research-based and relevant to professional practice; they work in successful student teams; and they use innovative learning technologies. Do you want to find out more about studying at TU Graz?

Here you can find information about being a TU Graz student – from the beginning to graduation, and beyond.

Degree and Certificate Programmes

What can I study at TU Graz? What kinds of further education are on offer?
See the Overview of degree and certificate programmes.

Advisory Services for Prospective Students

Which degree programme is the right one for me? Where can I get information and advice about courses at TU Graz? Does TU Graz offer information for secondary-school students?
Visit Advisory Services for Prospective Students for more information.

Registration and Admission

How can I register to study? What are the admission requirements?
Go to Registration and Admission.

Information for New Students

Do you start your studies at TU Graz? Here you will find information and tips for a successful start to your studies!
Information for New Students

Living in Graz for Students

What is it like to live in Graz? Do international students need a visa to come to Austria? What if I get sick? And how will I find a place to live? About mobile phones and "Kaiserschmarrn", insurance and bank accounts for students – about living in Graz for students.

Student Teams

Putting theory into practice, acquiring new skills, networking with other students, staff and alumni, making friends for life: join one of the many TU Graz student teams and make it happen.

Open Day

Where can I get more information about the programmes offered in person? What are my career perspectives? And how can I begin networking before I start my studies?
Come to the Open Day.

Welcome Days

What should I expect at the beginning of my studies? How can I get a good start as a TU Graz student? You can find out everything you need to know at the TU Graz Welcome Days. The Welcome days are held on the last two days before the semester begins.
Go to Welcome Days.

Academic Calender

When do the semesters begin and end at TU Graz? At what times of the year are there no lectures or courses?
Here you can see the Academic Calender.

Financial Matters

What will I have to pay as a student? Are there allowances and grants that I can apply for?
Visit Financial Matters to find out.

International: Studying and Teaching

Where can I go to study abroad? How can I do internships abroad during my studies? If I am not from Austria, how can I study at TU Graz? Find your answers in International: Studying and Teaching.

Learn a Language

What languages can I learn at TU Graz?
See Learn a Language for information.

Accessible Learning

What support does TU Graz provide for students with a chronic disease or disability? Where can I access advice and support?
Information is available under Accessible Learning.

Be The Face

Would you like to learn more about why students at TU Graz are so excited about their programmes? 7 students answer this question and represent TU Gray for one year, both on- and offline.
More information available at Be the Face of TU Graz.

Planning your Career

How can I get my career off to a good start after graduation? Which vacancies and work experience placements are currently available at companies?
Here you can find out how to Plan your Career.

Alumni Services

How can TU Graz support me at the beginning of my professional career? How can I stay in touch with TU Graz after I graduate?
Read about this at Alumni Services.