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Master's Degree Programme Environmental Systems Sciences / Natural Sciences-Technologies

More and more decision-makers are recognising the effects of human actions on local and global environmental changes. This development makes it possible to influence living conditions positively and to reduce negative impacts. In the Environmental Systems Sciences / Natural Sciences-Technology (in short: USW NAWI-TECH) master’s programme at TU Graz, you will learn to work in a research-oriented interdisciplinary way – regionally, nationally and internationally. Using the latest findings and methods from science and engineering, you will develop innovative solutions approaches for environmentally relevant problems.


6 Modules

  • Interdisciplinary module with interdisciplinary practical course
  • Systems sciences, e.g. system integration, evaluation and modelling
  • Resources, geosphere and processes, e.g. mineral raw materials, biodiversity and applied microbiology
  • Environmental management and statutory foundations, e.g. REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances
  • Applied environmental technology Environmental analysis and laboratory courses on environmental technology
  • Environment-oriented elective subjects for in-depth study of particular areas of interest.

Specialisation Subjects

  • Environmental economics
  • Atmoshphere and climate
  • Environmental biology, process technology and utilisation of biomass
  • Energy-efficient materials
  • Water resources
  • Geochemistry and lithospheric material flow
  • Transport and the environment
  • REACH/ environmental law

Interdisciplinary traineeship

  • Work on a practical problem in the field of applied environmental research
  • Work together with colleagues from other environmental systems science programmes on an interdisciplinary basis
  • Analyse, evaluate and create solutions using scientific methods.

For the individual courses, please see the semester plan.

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Curriculum (in German)

Semester plan



Henning Sommer, Source: Sommer
Henning Sommer, master's degree student in USW NAWI-TECH

In my degree programme I can attend courses at 2 universities. The University of Graz and the TU Graz jointly offer a large number of different topics. I can decide where I want to place the emphasis in the programme. I like the versatility!

Career Options

Environmental systems scientists are employed nationally and internationally by public authorities, in industry and the private sector, and in research.

  • They conduct research in environmental issues.
  • They work in environment-oriented fields in the public sector.
  • They use and optimise technologies which save energy and resources.
  • They give advice to and supervise establishments specialising in environmental protection.
  • They create solution strategies to counteract environmental and climate problems.
  • They develop environmentally friendly products and services.
  • They work in planning, implementation and evaluation of environmental protection measures, ecological projects, and in training and continuing education.
  • They work in project management.

Admission Deadlines

Winter semester 2018/19:

9 July to 30 November 2018

Summer semester 2019:

7 January to 30 April 2019

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