Welcome to HeDi

HeDi is an abbreviation for "Hail event Data interface" and is a project for collecting hail data and crop damage information for scientific studies with the support of volunteers in the whole Styria, Austria.

Hailstorm damage is a major concern to the farmers in the province of Styria, Austria. Each year severe hail storms are causing damages to crops, resulting in losses of millions of euros.

We started this project to collect the data using crowdsourcing platform, which is more helpful for the Styrian community.

Everybody who is interested in weather and hail regardless of the age is invited to participate.

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17.08.2019: HeDi App for Android now available

03.08.2019: HeDi App for iOS now available, the App validation process for Android is not finished yet

31.07.2019: App validation process not finished yet, please use for reports in Austria the web form at the moment

29.07.2019: Articles about HeDi in several media

19.07.2019: New App versions (Austria region) given to Google and Apple for the validation process

30.06.2019: Austria region in web form available

30.04.2018: HeDi web form and App available (Styria region)