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Competence Centres and Research Companies

TU Graz holds shares in 18 companies. These affiliated companies are vital to TU Graz with respect to the cooperative ties formed with industrial partners and other academic institutions. (Date: 31.12.2019)

Together with the portfolio companies, TU Graz takes an active part in the Austrian COMET competence centre programme.

The portfolio companies are aligned with the 5 main research areas of TU Graz, the 5 Fields of Expertise. In this way, additional staff, expertise and research infrastructure can be made available on-site through the companies and close cooperation can be formed with the institutes at TU Graz.

Interesting Details

Employees in affiliated companies of TU Graz.

Increase in number of staff at the portfolio companies

The portfolio companies of TU Graz

  • employ over 1300 people.
  • score a total annual turn-over of about € 120 million, of which about 22% was brought in through joint projects together with TU Graz institutes.

Date: 31.12.2019


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Competence Centres and Research Companies – an Overview

The joint ownership of the portfolio companies that operate competence centres and other research activities make up the core of the company portfolio of TU Graz. Most of the subsidiaries and also the largest subsidiaries fall into this category. These help TU Graz fulfill the basic objective of forming research collaboration with business and industry partners.

Goals of TU Graz

  • Partners in knowledge transfer: portfolio companies make substantial contributions to the university’s main goals
  • TU Graz and its research companies are indispensable players in the region to further strengthen research and innovation
  • Commonly shaping the university’s profile and enhancing the Fields of Expertise
  • Positive image and high visibility of TU Graz
  • Increase attractiveness of TU Graz as an employer by offering better career opportunities in the network with the portfolio companies
  • Ensure transparency in research collaboration and resource sharing
  • Optimise sharing of resources such as infrastructure, expertise and staff 



Grafische Übersicht der Beteiligungen der TU Graz.

This chart shows the company portfolio of the TU Graz: to the left, the shares of TU Graz are listed, to the right, the allocation of the subsidiaries to the COMET competence centre programme (K2 Centres, K1 Centres and K-Projects).

Date: 31.12.2020

Grafic illustration showing the participation of TU Graz in the COMET competence centres and K-projects in Austria. Photo source: TU Graz

TU Graz is Austria’s leading university in the COMET Programme!

Most of the competence centres and K-projects in Austria are located in Styria. TU Graz is participating in all of these, and in many cases is acting as the leading academic institution. By taking part in 33 COMET activities, TU Graz is Austria's leading university in this field. With its portfolio companies, TU Graz is legally involved in 13 of these activities.

COMET Competence Centre Programmes

The Austrian COMET programme promotes the development of competence centres. Their cores are their research programmes which combine business and science on a high quality level.

COMET is publicly funded by the federal government and the provinces and managed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

The COMET competence centre programme includes 3 lines: COMET-Centre (K1 and K2), COMET-Project (previously K-Project), COMET-Module.



The objective of K2-Centres is bundling of existing national expertise in the long-term and cooperation with the world's leading researchers, scientific partners and company partners. This is to achieve long-term strengthening and a significant increase of Austria’s attractiveness as a research location internationally.


The objective of K1-Centres is the initiation of high-quality research defined jointly by science and industry with a medium-term to long-term perspective. K1-Centres implement top-level research with a focus on scientific and technological developments and innovations to qualify for the future markets.


The objective of the COMET-Project line is to initiate high-quality research in science-industry cooperation with a medium-term perspective and a clearly defined subject having the potential for further improvement. This is to increase the flexibility of the programme and to enable those consortia and research topics to participate, whose potential is not yet sufficient for a K1 application.

Fields of Expertise: Allocation of the Portfolio Companies to the Main Research Areas at TU Graz

TU Graz has purposefully allocated the portfolio companies to the five research areas of TU Graz5 Fields of Expertise.

To increase the visibility of these Fields of Expertise, both externally and internally, sharing and use of the personnel, expertise and infrastructure will be increased. The institutes and the portfolio companies of TU Graz bring complementary skills and resources to the cooperative research activities and can achieve more by working together.

University Subsidaries and Fields of Expertise of TU Graz

The main research areas at TU Graz appear as five Fields of Expertise in the middle of this diagram. The portfolio companies have been thematically allocated to increase the strength of these Fields of Expertise even further.