Tribology and Drive Technology

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This area deals with the simulation- and test-supported development of machine elements, up to complete systems which are mainly located in the automotive sector.

The drive technology has long been a central cornerstone of the institute. The method-supported development of drive-related machine elements and subsystems up to entire drive trains (transmission, electric drive axle) is carried out. The combination of simulation and testing takes place in the AVL - TU Graz Transmission Center with its test rigs as a test and research environment.

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In particular, the knowledge of the tribological processes in drive systems is in terms of efficiency and durability inevitable. Friction and wear processes are highly complex and still represent an interesting field of research.


Main Topics:

-          Drive systems (gearbox, electrical axis)

  • Functional and strength analysis
  • Examination of the lubrication system
  • Multibody simulations
  • Condition monitoring
  • New testbed concepts

-          Tribological Investigations

  • Friction and wear models for simulation (et. al. with AVL EXCITE Power Unit & AVL EXCITE Piston&Rings)
  • Wear measurement with RNT
  • Friction analysis on an internal combustion engine with the floating liner method

-          Fast rotating machines

  • Conception of complete systems
  • Rolling contact bearings under extreme conditions
  • Machine dynamics challenges at highest speeds
  • Condition monitoring

-          Component development

  • Rolling contact bearings
  • Shaft-hub-connections
  • Clutches

-          Condition Monitoring

-          Disconnect-Differential

  • Bevel gear differential with integrated decoupling mechanism
  • Increased efficiency of all types of AWD vehicles (ICE, BEV, FCEV, PHEV, ...)
  • Integration of additional functions in existing differential components

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