Mission statement

The Institute of Machine Components and Methods of Development with its focal points (machine components, construction, durability and tribology) along with other fundamental institutes, is at the center of the Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics study programmes.

In addition to teaching and research activities, the institute has intensive industry cooperation.

In the field of teaching we have the intention to teach students all about machine components and development methodology in our courses. We provide a broad, interdisciplinary spectrum of methods for design, simulation, testing and development in the field of machine components.

As part of our industry cooperation, we create a link to the field of teaching, through assigning numerous master's theses, bachelor's theses, as well as dissertations and scientific publications.

We work on projects that focus on the following areas:

  • Tribology (Electric Vehicle Drives, Transmission and Internal Combustion Engine)
  • Fatique
  • Drive technology, transmission technology
  • Rail vehicle technology
  • Concept finding and construction design of machine elements
  • Simulation
  • Testbed technology and metrology
  • Development methodology

We are partners for the entire development process and cover this completely through our multi-faceted areas of activity.

The transfer of knowledge between the various fields of work guarantees that there is always an optimum increase in experience and that this can be used as a "lessons learned" in new projects or for our students.

Interdisciplinary action is an important maxim at our institute. In doing so, we make the best possible use of the resources of Graz University of Technology as well as other universities. Due to the many projects carried out together with different institutes, we can rely on a large network with many contacts. This also helps us to expand our knowledge very widely.


Institute of Machine Components and Methods of Development

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