Honouring of Inventors

Under the motto "From science to innovation", university inventors were honoured in the auditorium of the old university in Graz. The honouring of the inventors took place on 11.11.2019 and was jointly organised by the Medical University, Karl-Franzens-University and Graz University of Technology.

Short description of the invention by Martin Bloder, BSc:

"Canned Motor with Segmented Tube"

By using a segmented can, which alternately consists of material with a very high and a very low permeability, the somewhat poorer efficiency of canned motors is partially compensated. This type of motor is characterised by a hermetic separation of the stator from the rotor space, which opens up new possibilities for highly efficient, direct winding cooling. Among other things, this can lead to a reduction in weight and an increase in power density in electric drives.

Certificate from Martin Bloder, BSc on the occasion of the event "From Science to Innovation"

Honouring of Martin Bloder, BSc
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Short description of the inventions of Dipl.-Ing. Mario Theissl:

„Strip electrode for dynamic oil level measurement / honeycomb electrode for oil distribution measurement“

This invention describes a measuring principle for measuring the dynamic oil distribution. This measuring principle was developed especially for oil supply measurement in gearboxes.

„Measuring device and measuring probe for a flowing fluid“

This measuring device describes a compact multi-phase flow sensor. This sensor-probe is used for the measurement of oil flows in gears and provides information about the flow velocity as well as the phases of the fluid e.g. gaseous, liquid splashes, gas bubbles or liquid. In addition to the gear market, this sensor is used in many technical processes with multi-phase flows. The quantification of an oil-water flow or gas-liquid flow is possible with this miniature sensor.

Certificate from Dipl.-Ing. Mario Theissl on the occasion of the event "From Science to Innovation"

Honouring of Dipl.-Ing. Mario Theissl
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