Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring (CM) is a process for condition monitoring of machinery (e.g., by vibration, temperature, ...) to identify a significant change indicative of a developing failure. The use of the CM allows the planning of maintenance work or the initiation of measures to avoid consequential damage.

In the AVL-TU Graz Transmission Center, CM is used to support the development of automotive transmission. CM can detect an forecast failures while testing the components, delivering just in time information about the unit under test.

Goals of the new condition monitoring system

  • Implementation of a transmission specific Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) for the examinee and test bed from PT Phase to EOL
  • Embedding existing and future sensor concepts for CM
  • Warning, forecast, emergency cut must be possible without special knowledge, experience
  • Non-stop logging/processing of the examinee and testbed (impacts of test bed on examinee) redundant to PUMA
  • Short-, long term analysis and logging of the standardized NVH development
  • Integration of simulation models for the analysis and comparison of measured signals with the simulation
  • Short- and long-term post-processing and analysis of alternation-, damage- and wear processes through the combination of measured, calculated and simulated parameters

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