Section Models

Students have the possibility to produce a detailed sectional model from a gear as part of a bachelor' s thesis at our institute.

After completion, the finished sectional models serve as visual aids for younger students, but also for our various courses.

Here are some final reports of different sectional models to read through. Everybody is welcome to visit us at the institute and have a look at the models in real. Our team is also available for open questions!

Model: Aprilia RSV 1000 Tuono

Picture of the Apilia RSV
© TU Graz/IME

Report: Download

Model: Aprilia Roller Variomatic

Picture of a Aprilia Rollers
© TU Graz/IME

Report: Download

Model: Honda Civic

Picture of a Honda Civic Transmission
© TU Graz/IME

Report: Download

Model: VW-Golf

Picture of a VW-Golf Transmission
© TU Graz/IME

Report: Download

Model: Planetary Gear

Picture of the Planetary Gear Model
© TU Graz/IME

Report: Download


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