Our understanding of teaching

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In addition to bachelor's and master's theses and dissertations, the teaching is not only an important part of the institute's activity in the lecture hall, but also in the lab rooms of the institute.

Based on the challenges which the graduate of the mechanical engineering degree programme faces in the professional world, the lectures and, especially in the practical exercises, tasks and examples are chosen which go beyond the limits of calculating the machine component itself and, in particular, which build on the elementary knowledge of technical mechanics, materials science, physics, etc., when it comes to understanding the system surrounding the machine component. In this way, an attempt is made to combine knowledge from courses that would otherwise be held in isolation from each other.

The basic pillar of teaching is the lecture in the lecture hall. The students will get study aids in the form of downloadable slides, supporting documents and pre-calculated examples, but personally made notes from the lecture can and should not be waived. In addition to the lecture hall, teaching in small groups is an essential element in bringing the practice of design closer to our students. This offers the chance to respond to each student and to support them individually.

State-of-the-art laboratory space is available for extended teaching activities in the context of advanced courses.

Naturally, our teaching staff is available to students during office hours to answer special questions.


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