Lecture "Fahrzeuggetriebe und deren Elektrifizierung" by Prof. Dr. Robert Fischer

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This summer term 2019 the lecture "Fahrzeuggetriebe und deren Elektrifizierung" by Prof. Dr. Robert Fischer took place for the first time in the new Transmission Center 2. In the middle of the transmission development area at the Institute for machine components and methods of development, Prof. Dr. Robert Fischer presented the highly interesting subject area of transmission technology to the mechanical engineering students. 
The procedure was changed this year and Prof. Dr. Robert Fischer presented his course contents as a block event in three days at the beginning of the semester. Numerous exhibition gear units and sectional models were able to complement his theoretical explanations very well. The exhibited hybrid test vehicle of AVL List GmbH and a guest lecture by DI(FH) Mario Brunner on the subject of "Alternative drive train arrangements" was a valuable input on the subject of electrification of drive systems.

The content of this course was divided into 4 blocks:

  • Block 1: Reasons for changing gears; shifting dynamics and comfort
  • Block 2: Transmission elements; gear shifting and starting elements
  • Block 3: Actuating elements; sensors and software
  • Block 4: Commercial vehicle, motorbike and motorsport transmissions; powertrain development 

On the third day, a tour of the research area took place under the leadership of DI Peter Kopsch, head of the AVL TU Graz Transmission Center. The current research infrastructure was presented and an overview of the current research activities was given.

The lecture will take place again in the same form in the Transmission Centre in the summer term 2020 .

Analysis of the evaluation of "Fahrzeuggetriebe" (310.016) SS2019

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