Credition Congress 2019

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Under the direction of Prof. Hans-Ferdinand Angel (Karl-Franzens-University Graz) and Prof. Hannes Hick (Graz University of Technology), the eighth conference on "The Structure of Credition" took place in Graz from 27 to 30 November. In the course of the conference, part of the lectures were held in the Credition Lab of the Institute for machine components and methods of development. The conference was characterised above all by the interdisciplinary and international nature of the participants. This year again, experts from the fields of medicine, technology, psychology, education, philosophy and theology presented their research and findings on the topic of Credition. In comparison to previous years, when the focus was on basic research of the Credition approach, this year a clear new trend could be seen. The lecturers focused more on the implementation of Credition and presented their approach to the practical implementation of the Credition approach.

The lecture by Univ. Ass. P. Kranabitl and Prof. Hick dealt with the topic "Credition in technical decision making". The attempt was made to show that belief processes play a significant role in almost every decision in the technical product development process. The developed concept for the implementation of Credition was brought closer to the audience by means of a live practical exercise.

The congress provided important inputs and contacts for the strategic orientation of Credition research activities in the coming year.  The Institute for Machine Components and Methods of Development is implementing the Credition approach in the field of methods of development and will publish a chapter showing the close connection between Systems Engineering and Credition in a book of the Helmut List series next year.

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