Lecture „Automotive transmissions and their electrification” by Prof. Dr. Robert Fischer

In 2020, the lecture "Vehicle Transmissions and Electrification" by Prof. Dr. Robert Fischer (CEO AVL) had to be cancelled due to COVID, but in the summer of 2021, more than 50 students were able to participate in one of the first attendance lectures at Graz University of Technology at the Institute of Machine Elements and Development Methodology.

Due to the high number of registrations for the VO, only about half of the students could follow the exciting lectures live on site at Transmission Center 2, the second half was integrated into the lecture via a livestream and a communication channel for questions.  On the second day, the groups changed so that all students could experience the personal contact with Prof. Dr. Robert Fischer.  Exciting system considerations from the vehicle to the gear change were explained, function and influence of the different drive elements up to total system considerations and their energy efficiency. A large number of exhibited components and showcase transmissions in the Transmission Center provided the perfect setting to illustrate the topic.

The lively discussions were continued during the lunch breaks in the canteen. For the invitations on all three days we would like to thank again the AVL and Prof. Dr. Robert Fischer very much.

The lecture was complemented by a very interesting guest talk by DI (FH) Mario Brunner. Process steps from the transmission development were explained, the different designs of transmissions including electrified drives and their applications were excellently presented. Thus, a very good overview of current applied gearbox technology was given.

At the end of the third day there followed, as usual, a guided tour through the existing research areas and test benches of the AVL TU-Graz Transmission Center at IME by Dipl. Ing. Peter Kopsch. With the support of Dipl. Ing. Mario Theissl, Dipl. Ing. Martin Bloder and Klaus Scherz, BSc. the students got a great overview of different research and development topics, as well as an interesting insight into the processes and topics of the testing rigs.

The team of the Institute of Machine Elements and Development Methodology would like to thank you for the smooth course of events and is looking forward to a repetition in SS2022.


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