The MSc in Architecture is a four-semester programme and conveys its contents through lectures, integral design studios, specialization modules and elective subjects. Three lecture series showcase current fields of research by establishing crosslinks between disciplines and organizing discussion events (Lectures WS 2022/23). Integral design studios present design work in the form of building design (to appropriate scale for urban development and landscape) together with the associated competencies of research and presentation (Integral Design Studios WS 2022/23). In-depth knowledge of selected areas is imparted in the specialization modules, which students can choose independently of the design studios (Specialization Modules WS 2022/23). Elective subjects can be selected from an elective course catalogue according to individual preferences (Elective Course Catalogue WS 2022/23). To further allow for individual prioritization and development, up to 6 ECTS credits for free electives may be awarded for professionally-oriented practical training, short study visits abroad and academic courses offered by accredited universities in Austria or abroad.

In total, the master’s degree requires the successful completion of 3 compulsory lectures (12 ECTS credits in total), 3 integral design studios (36 ECTS credits in total), 3 specialization modules (24 ECTS credits in total), as well as courses from the elective course catalogue and free electives (18 ECTS credits in total).


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