Modelling and simulation of sheet metal and bulk forming processes

In research and also industrial production the numerical simulation has been established as an indispensable tool for planning, analysis and optimization of forming processes. Geometries and properties of formed parts can be virtually predicted by the software. The aim is to guarantee the manufacturability of formed parts and to optimize the design of the tools by a specific variation of the process parameters or the geometric shape of the tools in the simulation.
Through the close cooperation with our software partners we can calculate a broad range of different processes in metal forming :
  • Sheet metal forming simulation (drawing/stretch forming , bending/folding, incremental sheet metal forming process, roll-forming , thermal/dynamic coupled processes ) 
  • Hydroforming simulation (hydroforming of tubes and profiles, hydroforming of sheet metal)
  • Simulation of hot forming processes (press hardening , design and optimization of cooling channels , thermal behavior of tools, superplastic forming )
  • Bulk forming simulation
  • Simulation of cutting processes


Autoform (Autoform)ESI (PamStamp, CFD-ACE+)

Simufact (Simufact.forming) DynaMore (LS-Dyna, LS-Opt)

Forming Technologies Incorporated (FTI forming suite)Altair Hyperworks (HyperMesh, HyperForm, Radioss)

MSC (MSC Marc)Dassault Systems (Catia) 



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