Bending Technologies

Air bending is a highly flexible manufacturing process for producing three-dimensional parts from flat sheet metal blanks. Only the precise knowledge of all influencing parameters of the overall free bending process during part production (see figure: workflow for air bending) allows the reproducible production of high quality components without long setup times. A suitable prediction of all necessary process parameters reduces waste and cycle times and increases the cost effectiveness of the production at the same time. At the Institute of Tools and Forming a bending machine (TruBend 7036 Trumpf on current technology with electric torque drive) is available for research. figure: Workflow for air bending

Technical data:

  • Press force: 360 kN
  • Bending length: 1020mm
  • Free distance between columns: 932 mm
  • Installation height: 300 mm
  • 6-axis back gauge system
  • TRUMPF TASC 6000 control
  • TruTops Bend programming
  • Automatic tool clamping

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