With ARGUS we have a powerful software tool to do all the calculations mentioned below after forming a blank that has been prepared with a point raster before: 
  • Automatic calculation of 3D surface coordinates and local deformations of the surface including major and minor strains
  • Calculation of the thickness reduction and deformation in the center line of the sheet
  • Calculation of the yield stress based on known flow curves
  • Import of CAD files, deviation of CAD to measurement data
  • Multi-stage measurements
 According to the results we can now optimize the forming process and get the maximum out of the parts.


  • Measuring area:       100mm2 to multiple m2 
  • Measured points:      10.000 to 300.000
  • Strain range:            0,5% to 300%
  • Strain accuracy:        up to 0,1%


With ATOS III parts can be scanned and measured in three dimensions The result of the measurement is a virtual 3D model, which can be compared to the reference model from the CAD data. The monitoring of the real product geometry is very important to achieve a high and constant level of quality and small tolerances.


  • Measuring volume:           300x300x300mm to 2000x2000x2000mm
  • Measured points:              4.000.000
  • Measuring time:               2 seconds
  • Measuring point distance: 0,07 to 1mm

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