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Electronic Mailbox for Anonymous Tips (Whistleblowing)

Whistleblowing means "to blow the whistle", "to uncover", and "to draw attention to". This means that a whistleblower is a person who discovers abuses or wrongdoings inside an organisation and reports them to a specially established office.

Whistleblowers can now use this electronic mailbox (Hintbox) to report tips, violations, or confidential information to impartial persons, namely, the member of the Rectorate who is responsible for personnel and to the chairpersons of the Works Council. The confidentiality of the identities of the whistleblower and the third parties in the sense of the GDPR is ensured.

How can I submit an anonymous tip?

You can upload your message by clicking on this link.

  1. Simply write your message in a document (text, PDF, Word, etc.).
  2. Upload the document.
  3. The document will appear under the heading "Uploaded files".
  4. The authorised persons will be informed of incoming documents and will assuredly process them.

Note: The upload process is anonymous. If you would like to receive feedback or a notice of confirmation from the Vice Rectorate or the Works Council, please include an (anonymous) e-mail address in the text.

What happens to the information?

Within 7 days of receiving the notice, a confirmation that the submitted notice has been received will be sent out.

In consultation with the chairpersons of the Works Councils, the Rectorate member responsible for personnel will forward the notice in an anonymised form to the orgaisational unit for Legal Matters & Insurance Management for preliminary review.

Contact with the whistleblower is maintained by the Rectorate member responsible for personnel. Depending on the content of the information, the member of the Rectorate responsible for personnel may inform the entire Rectorate and, if necessary, pass the information on to responsible bodies, such as the organisational unit for Internal Auditing, the Commission for Scientific Integrity and Ethics, the Data Protection Advisory Committee, etc.

The member of the Rectorate responsible for personnel will ensure that the whistleblower receives a reply in due time and that any necessary consequences are coordinated internally. The chairpersons of the Works Council will also be informed.

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