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Data Steward Team



Education, Experience


Focus Areas

Hermann Schranzhofer

DI in Technical Physics, PhD in Material Sciences(MU Leoben)


TU Graz Repository, licenses, RDM in engineering Sciences

Claire Jean-Quartier

MSc in Biochemistry & Molecular Biomedical Sciences, MSc in Chemistry & Environmental System Sciences, PhD in Biomedical Sciences

Open Science, CyVerse Austria, RDM in Life Sciences, Quality Management


Alexander Bardel

DI in Technical Physics (NAWI Graz)



elabFTW, RDM guidelines, DMP tool, Data champions, RDM in Natural Sciences


Data stewards are professionals equipped with expertise to work effectively with researchers and university services to ensure proper data management. Many universities are implementing formal programs to embed data stewards within university structures. TU Graz has therefore set up a team of data stewards, who have knowledge in their respective disciplines, arrange centralized training at university level, and provide services and support to researchers at TU Graz.

Service offers

  • Support for Datamanagementplans (DMPs)
  • RDM tool-dependet support:
  • RDM Suport for research projects (collaborations)
  • Development and establishment of RDM guidelines
  • RDM Optimization for instituts and working groups: Workflows, pipelines, infrastructure, on/offboarding, folder scheme, etc.
  • Training and teaching
  • Individual requests and many more ...

Team: rdmteamnoSpam@tugraz.at

Data Stewards:

Claire Jean-Quartier: c.jean-quartiernoSpam@tugraz.at

Hermann Schranzhofer: hermann.schranzhofernoSpam@tugraz.at

Alexander Bardel: alexander.bardelnoSpam@tugraz.at

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