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09.01.2024 Cluster Forschungsdaten Webinar: Data Management mit LinkAhead (More information)

Cluster Forschungsdaten Webinar: RDM at technical universities: See how others do it!
(More information)

Clusterforschungsdaten Webinar: Energieverbrauchsdaten an Universitäten (More information)

Cluster Forschungsdaten Webinar: Galaxy - a web-based platform for reproducible computational analysis (More information)

Cluster Forschungsdaten Webinar: DMP Update - Neues von Fördergebern und DAMAP
(More information)

25.11.2022: DMP Workshop @ MPG

19 Sept 2022
Fair Data are accessible (More information)

21 June 2022
From Practice: Data management at ZAMG (More Information)

22 March 2022

Electronic Lab Notebooks (More information)

24 June 2021

Support in Research Data Management. Latest Developments (More Information)

08 June 2021

Research Data Management in the Life Sciences (More Information)

20 May 2021

What does a Data Steward do? (More Information)

28 April 2021

Formate im Datenmanagement (More Information)

01 July 2020

RDM Webinar :  Hands-on introduction and background on

  • the data lifecycle
  • the aims of data stewardship – what do data stewards do?
  • the FAIR principles of data management – what does it mean to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable?
  • data formats and metadata standards
  • licenses and licensing
  • data archiving & preservation
  • data management plans – what, why, and how to write on

25 April 2020 19:00

Identifying Transcription Factor Binding Sites from ChIP-seq Data (More information)

10 April 2020 19:00

PlantCV: A Modular Image Analysis Toolkit for Building Plant Phenotyping Workflows (More information)

27 March 2020  18:00

Webinar: Workflow Management Using Snakemake (More information)