Data Management Plans

Proper data management is usually underpinned by providing data management plans (DMPs) for research projects. A DMP defines what happens during and after a project with regards to data including information about origin, collection process, access restrictions, citability, long-term availability or deletion. In addition, responsibilities for data handling are defined. Increasinlgy, more and more funding organizations demand DMPs for grant applications such as:

FWF (mandatory after grant approval)

FFG (mandatory)

HORIZON Europe (mandatory)

ERC (mandatory)

Check the latest guidelines from Science Europe

DMP Tools

The following online tools can be used for creating DMPs:

Institutional tool

External tools

  • DMPonline helps you to create, review, and share data management plans that meet institutional and funder requirements. It is provided by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC). Some funders mandate the use of DMPonline, while others point to it as a useful option. 
  • Data Stewardship Wizard is a joint ELIXIR CZ and ELIXIR NL project bringing a simple but powerful solution for researchers to help them understand what is needed for good, FAIR-oriented Data Stewardship, to find ELIXIR experts to help out, and to build their own Data Management Plans. 
  • gfbio

Also, many funding agencies require a cost calculation for data management in the project application (e.g. personnel, infrastructure, training). The University of Utrecht and the UK Data Service offer tools for estimating the costs of data management.

Guide for DMPs

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